Ancient Egyptian Scriptural Wisdom & Precepts


Ancient Egyptian Scriptural Wisdom & Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, the Wise.
Ptah-Hotep (a.k.a. Ptahhotep) was a man of great wisdom and calm understanding, a high officer-official to King Izezi (2380-2342 BCE) of Dynasty five, and the author of the oldest morally instructive text to survive complete from Ancient Egypt (Kemet), thus in the world. The precepts of Ptah-Hotep represents the beginning of the arrangement of the good sayings spoken by the noble Lord, the divine father, the beloved of Ptah, and the son of the King to the first-born of Ptah-Hotep, to instruct the ignorant in the knowledge of the arguments of good sayings. The scriptural wisdom herein are organized based on the idea that it is profitable for the person who hears them, and a loss to those that transgress them.

1. Be not arrogant because of what you know, and deal with the ignorant as with the learned….good words are more difficult to find than an emerald….If you as a leader decide on the conduct of a great number of people, seek the most perfect manner of making your decisions so that your conduct may be without blame or fault.

2. Justice is great, invariable, and assured….To throw obstacles in the way of the law is to open the way for violence. The limitations of justice are invariable… provide sustenance for those in the lap of peace….one who perverts trustfulness in order to repeat only what produce pleasure in the words of every person, great or small, is detestable. Do not boast in the house of your neighbors…Be active during the time of your existence, and do no more than is commanded.

3. Do not lose the daily opportunity of increasing the qualities of your house. Activity produces riches, and riches do not endure when it slackens. If you are wise, bring up a son who will be pleasing to Aten-Re. If he conforms his conduct to your way and occupies himself with your affairs, as is right, do to him all the good you can; he is your son, a person attached to you whom your own self has begotten. Give orders without hesitation to those who do wrong….Keep an eye on those who enter announcing a secret….Declare your line of conduct without hesitation.

4. If you are a leader setting forward your plans … perform perfect actions that posterity may remember…If you are a leader of peace, listen to the discourse of the petitioner. The way to obtain a clear explanation is to listen with kindness. If you desire to excite respect within the house you enter…keep yourself from making advances to a woman, for there is nothing good in so doing. If you desire your conduct to be good and preserved from all evil, keep yourself from every attack of bad humor. Be not of an irritable temper in regard to your neighbors; better is a compliment that displeases, than rudeness.

5. If you are wise, look after your house; love your wife without alloy. Fill her stomach, clothe her back; these are the gifts to be bestowed on her person. Caress her, fulfill her desires during the time of her existence; it is a kindness that does honor to its possessor. Be not brutal; tact will influence her better than violence; . . . behold to what she aspires, what she aims, and what she regards. Open your arms for her, respond to her arms; call her, and display to her, your love. If you are wise, sitting in the council of your Lord, direct your thought toward the wise. To speak in the council is an art, and speech is criticized more than any other labor….If you are powerful, respect knowledge and the calmness of language. Command only to direct….

6. Let not your heart be proud and vain to the point of arrogance, nor let it be mean…the gift of affection is worth more than the provisions that cover your back. Let your love pass into the heart of those who love you….If you have become great after having been little …know how not to take advantage of the fact….Do not plunder the house of your neighbors, or seize goods beside you. If you aim at polished manners, call not one whom you accost. Converse with a person, but don’t annoy the person.

7. Enter a discussion only after leaving time to saturate the mind with the subject of conversation. If ignorance displays itself, and gives you all opportunity to disgrace, treat the person with courtesy, and proceed not to drive one into a corner….Let your appearance be cheerful during the time of your existence. Know those who are faithful to you when you are in low estate. The wise is satisfied by knowledge….The son who accepts the instruction of his father will grow old…When a son receives the instruction of his father there is no error in his plans. Train your son to be a teachable man…teach according to the words of the wise. Let your thoughts be abundant. Amen (Imn).

These Ancient Egyptian Scriptural Wisdom was translated and punlished by the Amarna Research and Publication Society, under the authority of Nysut Nebkheperure Yashu’a Akhenaton II, resurrected Living image of Aten, beloved of Neterets Auset and Nefertiti, protected by Sekmet, nursed of HetHeru, the Living Heru that defeats Setekhy, restorer of Ma’at in his time, upright and true to his father Neter Akhenaten, chosen of Re, the Son of the Sun, Living on Truth, great in prosperity, good heath, and wisdom, who is forever Living in Truth. Unto Aten-Re be all power, thanks, homage, wisdom, and glory, Forever, and ever.

Amarnaism: The Way of Truth, Peace, & Balance


Amarnaism; The Way of Truth, Peace, & Life!
1. Judaism (Hebrewism), Christianity and Islam has absolutely failed Black Americans, and has been used tools of control to gain the natural resources of Africa (Abyssinia) and disrespected our ancestors—and We even get disrespect from those who taught it to us, because these were ‘never’ our religions, as was erroneously taught to us by lying Black (Negro) leaders. These foreigners religions taught you to love your oppressors and hate your own families, hate your own home land (Egypt & the Nile Valley) and to seek your rewards in some heaven or paradise based upon their scriptures. It has produced more division in Black America and hate than all the other African spiritual/religious cultural systems combined.

2. Judaism (Hebrewism), Christianity, and Islam has robbed and destroyed our peace and love for one another. It was leprous Arab’s with Islam, leprous Jews with Judaism, and leprous Christian with Christianity who teamed up to invade our ancestors land in the Nile Valley, brought our fathers into slavery (Arab/African slave trade & the Transatlantic slave trade); it is the religions of leprous peoples, that was have taken and made them black, that is keeping you as a indigent repressed people. They don’t want you, they don’t respect you, nor do they like to want see you free from their control and negative influence. They fear your unity, your restoration, and reconnection with your own people in East Africa.

3. So let us unite, be one people to stand boldly under the sun-disc of our ancestor’s religion, Amarnaism. Seek for our community and nation what others seek for their community and nation; a country to ourselves where we can live in peace away from all our enemies.

4. Amarnaism, the true religion and way of peace, by believing in it, brings about a peace of mind and contentment. It is an enlightening and empowering religion; its Author is the Creator. It teaches against the doing of evil of every kind, great or small, and demands we Live in Truth.
The aims and purpose of Amarnaism in the Americas and the World are:

A. To bring back to the memory our people of Aten-Re, Akhenaten, and Nefertiti, and their holy city of Amarna, in the country of Egypt.

B. Wake them up, Clean them up, and make them culturally self-respecting, and reconnect them with their East African Family.

C. Redeem them from self-alienation and reconcile them with the Creator again, and teach them their true history, culture, and knowledge of their enemies.

D. Our issues came when our ancestors deviated from Akhenaten’s revelation at Amarna, and fulfilled his prophectic words of reciprocity of our actions, and then we were invaded by Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, and various leprous Turkish-Arab clans. Genocidal assault came to a head by the Arab/African slave trade, and fully manifested to the world by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Reciprocity for the every evil deed done by Europeans, Jews, and Arabs, will not go unpunished by the Omnipotent Sole Creator who sees and knows all things.

E. But it was all for a divine purpose; that Aten-Re, the One True GOD (NTR)might make itself known, through our divine parents (Akhenaten & Nefertiti) down to us (Amarnians), to our enemies; and second, to the world that They alone are the Sovereigns in authority over all life. When our Egyptian, Nubian, Somali, and Ethiopian foremothers and forefathers, who deviated and were astray by cultural confusion, that would set the stage for invasions and enslavements, didn’t have the slightest idea that they would be sold into a world-wide captivity, that could create a global problem that would take the Almighty Creator Aten-Re, the Neteru (forces of nature), and the upright ones (Amarnians) chosen by His only Son, Akhenaten (Heru), to solve…and that this problem would be solved at the end of the time of the arch-enemy (Setekhy (Set), who manifested as leprous peoples, and their system and philosophy of S.I.N./ lawlessness). That beginning of the end began in 1973 a.d./c.e. But as long as people that were kissed by the sun (melanin) stay asleep (by being un-cultural, slothful, and participating with their enemies) from lack of knowledge about your ancestors and yourself, you are extending life and power unto them. They can continue to live only as long as you remain mentally/spiritually dead to the knowledge of Aten-Re, Akhenaten, Nefertiti and our people, and Setekhy and his people.

F. My followers and I have spent and are still spending much time and money and are suffering much persecution and ridicule to awaken our people to the knowledge of their own redemption. But we must remember that this present suffering is nothing compared to the joy that awaits us!

G. Before we ever suffered or was rejected, our Great God and Goddess, Pharaoh Akhenaten & Queen Nefertiti, suffered rejection and assassination attempts, and all sorts of evils, yet still left the divine example of Living In Truth to Ma’at, being upright, ushered in a New Kemetic order, and now are 2 of the top most remarkable and admired rulers in all known history of the world, and they did that all for you and for me.

H. We are now living in the days of the judgment of the Neteru (Nature) and resuscitation of people that are kissed (melanin) by the Sun, the very days of a great separation of peoples and nations, where all people must return back to their own ancestors and cultures. This problem of separating you and me from our enemies and placing us back into our own culture and land, and back among our own East African people, which is our proper place in civilization, is taking place now.
I. Remember, it was Akhenaten & Nefertiti, who mandated that all the known world say Amen (Imn) at the end of prayers, to remember the Son of the Son, Akhenaten. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti that introduced to the world the 1st garden holy city, Amarna, and it was a dedication to the Creator, and only to be occupied by the holy people, the Amarnians.

J. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti, for the first time in human history allow common people participate in worship of the Creator inside of open-air temples, with hymns, singing, and dancing, over a thousand years before the religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism were invented. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti who introduced new irrigation systems so we could have showers and flushing toilets. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti that introduced new architectural styles of building and the Talitat blocks, that is still used in modern buildings today. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti that closed down the temples, because the priest were robbing the Egyptian peoples of offerings (in the name of God), and Akhenaten & Nefertiti would hold parades and distribute the gold, grains, food, silver, and jewelry back unto the people. Under Akhenaten, he showed true equality with his Queen, Nefertiti, by making her a co-equal with him, defying thousands of years of tradition, thus the 1st king history to promote women rights.

K. Remember you would not be believing in One God had it not been for the revelation of Akhenaten, before a Moses, Muhammed, and Jesus were even conceived in the minds of European that authored the Bible and Quran, after they studied, plagiarized, revised and then wrote their fictional accounts from the texts, history, and monuments at Amarna, Egypt. It was Akhenaten & Nefertiti who created a new global order called Amarnaism that unites all peoples everywhere under the Aten and their dominion, to breakdown the walls of religious, cultural, political divisions. Give them praise, honor, homage, and glory!

L. Black Americans (Amarnians) deviated from our divine parents so long ago, fell into trouble with foreigners, and was kidnapped and removed so far away from our own people, and only returning to our own Deity, religion, culture, history, language, customs, and home land, (which is our divine inheritance) will ever bring us the unity, peace, harmony, justice, self-respect, pride, empowerment, and freedom that our people seek. Come home today by entering the Ancient Egyptian Assembly, with the upright ones. All Glory be unto Aten-Re, forever, and ever. Amen (Imn).

The New Day Revolution.

According to, ‘Revolution’ means drastic action or change, a major change, rebellion, uprising, achievement, and alteration. Revolting for personal growth or social achievement.
Friends, You can change anything that You put your mind & energy into changing. Want to go from poverty to wealth? Want better & safer neighborhoods? Want to be a better person? Want your children to be wise & prosperous? Want to attract & keep the right kind of man or woman? Want improved social conditions? Want more divine favor? Whatever it is You desire, or want to experience, You must replace old thoughts & behaviors with New thoughts & New behavior, based upon New Inspirational Teachings.

How to achieve the divine abundant life, from a life of lack?
Dr.Nebkheperure, inspires us daily, by challenging us to transform negative attitudes & self-defeating behaviors, by reforming & empowering us to achieve the divine abundant life, manifesting in our personal lives, our family, and community…which is true and lasting revolutionary change in our lives! You deserve to be worry-free, successful, well-educated, in good health, culturally liberated, spiritually rejuvenated, living in abundance, which is the very best results in life.

What Kind of Revolution?
The “New Day Revolution” is the modern resuscitation of the Amarna Revolution instituted by Pharaoh Akhenaten, in Ancient Egypt (Kemet). The New Day Revolution is not the rebellion against a country or government, but a rebellion against how we have negatively self-governed our lives. When a person is inspired by the cultural revolutionary teachings of Dr. Nebkheperure, they begin the Inner-Self Revolution, and the results radiates outwardly, revitalizing our Self, our families, our community and nation, and even the world.

The secret to a true revolution that will last forever, is changing (revolutionizing) daily our lives, then we automatically change (revolutionize) and revitalize our communities, and nations, and the world. So the true revolution is for Us, is to change negative thinking, bad habits, poor choices, careless self-defeating attitudes & behaviors, or anything that hinders Us from achieving & manifesting progress, prosperity, happiness, and good health (the divine abundant life), which is very best results for our lives. The results of the New Day Revolution literally means a prosperous cultural people, living in good clean neighborhoods, plenty of money, well-mannered intelligent children, reduction in crime, less people in jail and prison, less drug/alcohol abuse, reduction in disease, increase of family and community love, a cultural community self-sustained with their own schools and businesses, gaining the respect of all cultures and nations of the world.

Why Join The New Day Revolution?
Friends, today is a New Day, and yesterday is in the past, and tomorrow’s future will be increasingly prosperous, based on what You do, right now, today. Joining the “New Day Revolution” spiritually & culturally inspires you in your everyday life, to modify and achieve anything you put your mind and energy into doing. We do not have time to focusing on negativity of the past, or what others has done/doing, and surely not into blaming others (which automatically empowers others over you & your conditions). We can empower others nor look to them for change/improvements. We must take these New Day Teachings and accept the full responsibility of our community empowerment, to guarantee us a prosperous future, and joining with others in the Ancient Egyptian Assembly, We can manifest this. The New Day teachings of Dr. Nebkheperure has brought us practical wisdom, good health, relief of stress, cultural & spiritual enlightenment, restoration in families, prosperity, harmonious relationships, liberation, peace, happiness, balance, Ma’at, and divine reconciliation, in the lives of countless people and families. No one can deny this.

Any and all people, groups, or communities, after going through great atrocities, have always grounded themselves by a singular philosophy, culture, and a big idea, then rallied behind their visionary leader, and those people were empowered to accomplish great things, even the creation of a new society and country (reference: Chinese Revolution, the Holocaust & founding of the modern State of Israel)…but it always started with the change of the minds and hearts of a people, and they uniting behind a new leader and his grand idea and vision to prosper them.

Join the New Day Revolution with Dr. Nebkheperure Today.
Ankh! Udja! Seneb! Peace, Prosperity, and Good Health be unto you and your family.

Philosophy, Beliefs, and Teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Assembly (revised)

(Please refrain from being judgmental by the words ‘Believe and Beliefs’. Most people do not know what these words mean yet, so we are reaching them with their everyday language, and then elevate them into better understanding of words. So thank you in advance, and be enlightened by our wordpress wisdom)

1. We Believe & Trust in Aten-RE, the Self-Created Solar Neter (GOD), the One & Only Sovereign Creator of the known universe. This Infinite Intelligence, and Divine Power, is Spirit, invisible & invisible forms and substances, the ALLL (Absolute Law, Life, and Love), abundantly benefiting & upholding all of creation, simply by radiating its light, heat, and energy. Aten-RE, symbolized by the Sun-disc, which is the inner-eye (radiating mind) of the Creator, has always been the only omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and all-encompassing, and self-sustaining entity in the universe, nothing exist without Aten-RE, and it also intervenes in the affairs of humanity by giving Life, & by its Laws, in order to maintain balance. What We trust, believe in, and our conduct, are based upon the ancient papyrus texts & archeological evidences of the 18th Dynasty of (Egypt) Kemet, its inspired from RE, and our authority.

2. We Believe & Trust in the 4th & Final Holy Triad (Trinity) of the Ancient Egypt & the Nile Valley Civilization: Aten-RE, Akhenaten, Nefertiti. The Lord Akhenaten is the Messeh (Messiah) & Karest (Christ) that fulfilled the physical & spiritual prerequisites of Heru (Horus), at least a 1000 years before any Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Zoroaster, and Buddha were even conceived in the minds of corrupt men, that plagiarized our teachings & beliefs, and scripted fictional holy books. Such men stole papyrus scrolls and usurped ideas from images carved on buildings when they travelled to Ancient Egypt & the Nile Valley. We had become culturally confused, and thereafter taken in a world-wide captivity, We were unconscious of ourselves, and could not prohibit the theft of our inheritance (culture, architecture, religion, inventions, & other innovative ideas).

3. We are descendants of Ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and Ethiopians. We were known as Amarnians, the chosen people (the golden race) & citizens of Amarna, Egypt, and were chosen by Aten, Pharaoh Akhenaten & Queen Nefertiti, during the 18th Dynasty, about 4,000 years ago. The Amarnians emerged as the Abyssinian Emperors of Ethiopia & Amharic people.

4. According Nilotic Ancestors, and validated by modern science, We Believe & Trust that all of humanity evolved from the Nilotic peoples of East Africa, and therefore, the other races or families of the earth are the mutated offspring made by our Nilotic Ancestors, not created by the Creator Aten-RE. We possess the world’s oldest writings, tools, artifacts, bones of ancestors, monuments, legal & political system, religious architecture, countless inventions and technologies, because the Creator chose Us, millennia before the writing of any Bible, to civilize and to have dominion over the earth and all of humanity.

5. Our Holy City is Amarna (Akhet-Aten/city of the Horizion of the Sole Neter), in the middle of the modern country of Egypt, which we pray toward it, and to it shall we make pilgrimage.

6. What is the ideal of Divine Order to harmonize the World? Divine Order flows from the Absolute Law, Life, & Love from Divine Trinity & Ancestors, to the Nsut-Bit (Leader of the royal bloodline that was born to establish and maintain Ma’at, for cosmic and earthly moral order) Nebkheperure & with the Royal Council (Scribes, Priests, & Oracles), to Assembly Elders & Queen Mothers, to the Assembly (Fathers, Mothers, & Children), then humanity.

7. What is the Culture, Diet, & Lifestyle of the Ancient Egyptian Assembly? Our culture, diet, & lifestyle is called “Living In Truth”, meaning We Speak the Truth, Do Good, Eat Well, & Celebrate Life, this Lifestyle was formulated by the Lord to experience the Divine Abundant Life, and is the most beneficial for Individuals & the Family, and harmonious for all societies. Learn More:

8. We uphold the Laws, Principles, Ideals of Ma’at, the Maxims & Philosophy of Akhenaten, for this is our code of conduct.

9. We Believe in positive or right thoughts, words, and actions produces uprightness. Negative or evil thoughts, words, and actions are looked down upon as shameful, and below the divine spirit that is within all people. “Living In Truth” remedies negative behavior.

10. We Believe & Trust that the souls (hearts) of humanity are born innocent, and based on their subjection to various influences and environment, souls (hearts) becomes diseased by Set, his people, and their wicked imbalanced world system (anti-Ma’at).
• This disease is called S.I.N., and was made manifest (by the reciprocity of Ma’at, sowing and reaping, also karma) when Ancient Kemetians/Egyptians deviated from the new global system instituted by the Lord Akhenaten, the Only begotten Son of the Sun, and Benevolent Sovereign King of the World, (to whom all homage and glory is due forever).
• Now all living Souls must ‘Soul Return’ from the disease of Set, which has caused global greed for a select few, global economic crisis, illiteracy, famine, slavery, political disorder, murders, spiritual disconnectedness, envying, trafficking, wickedness, idolatry, lawlessness, self-hatred, infectious diseases, lepersy, pollution of the earth and its water, adultery, cultureless, sexual impurity, violence, terrorism, racism, disrespect of elderly, no regard for human life, infant mortality, ect… When such persons perish and enter the afterlife, they are condemned because their heart (soul) is imbalance on the scales of Ma’at against the feather of truth, and thereby sentenced at the great white throne of Asar (Osirus), to a terrible punishments in the underworld, forever, because they lived immoral lives, against RE, by not upholding Ma’at.
• The remnant of those that ‘Soul Return’ (or redeemed) are the upright ones, and it is they that are chosen to inherit the earth, after its divine cleansing. When the remnant of upright ones perish and transported to Duat, coming into the judgment hall for the balancing of the heart on the scales of Ma’at, they will bypass judgment & eternal condemnation, because they “Lived In Truth” while they lived, and they become Akh (blessed souls), then escorted to the bountiful Boat of Aten-RE (paradise), to ride with RE & the Ancestors, forever.

11. What is Our philosophy on Economics & Education? On Education: It must have a cultural-historical base, even if the people are not in their own country (region), to reinforce a peoples self-worth & obligation to their ancestors. On Economics (with social & political necessities): Its a vital key to maintaining a peoples cultural existence on earth. In these current times, a people must have a Community to fortify their existence.
The leadership of a people have a divine duty to equip their people with a Community, based upon these basic elements: signage of entry and exit points of their location, with education and cultural center (pre-k to adulthood), spiritual-religious worship center, stores with their community manufactured products, goods, and services, restaurants, businesses to employ their teenagers and young adults, a bank, with protected neighborhoods that are patrolled by their men, and a code of conduct that unified these people into a community, and a community court that maintains order.
Negative leadership produces disorder and negative community conditions, and it manifest s as trash littered neighborhoods overwhelmed with crime, drugs, illiteracy, unemployment, religious confusion, unproductiveness, sexual immorality, dividedness, welfare/public assistance, lawlessness, denigration of women, and anti-cultural behavior in a people. Cultural leadership, plus the peoples sincere devotion to the new leadership by subscribing to the new culture, is all that’s needed to dramatically improve the conditions of Black America.
12. What are other various Beliefs & Truths? We do not believe in idolatry. We do not subscribe to the beliefs of any religions. We do not believe in integration. We are nationalistic. Our priority is to first, uplift, progress, and continue own our ethnicity and nation, then assist other ethnicities. We Believe and Trust that the Nile Valley will be restored way beyond its former glory, and Amarna will be the capital of the world. We participate in global harmony and cooperation, with all those that seek harmony and cooperation with Us.

The Vision and Mission of the Ancient Egyptian Assembly

Our Vision
To take the New Day Message to all our dispersed peoples, causing a cultural-spiritual revolution, starting from Chicago to every major city in the world. To reteach Medu Neter (the Word of God) & Wisdom of the Lord Akhenaten, The One True Egyptian Messeh (Messiah) & Karest (Christ) to the world, to redeem His scattered people from the nations, thus breaking the power of Setekh, his offspring, and their global influence, thus setting captive humanity free, and restoring humanity back to the state of peace and harmony.

To proclaim “Living In Truth”, which is actively keeping Ma’at, the pure teachings of the One True GOD Aten-RE, first taught by Neter Neferkheperure Waenre Akhenaten (Pharaoh Amenhotep IV) & Neteret Neferneferuaten Nefertiti, to re-gather our global family back into Oneness & Balance under the Leadership of His Only Son, Nebkheperure Yashu, and the Remnant fellowship of the Assembly, empowering individuals and families to live rejuvenating lives. To reclaim and retrieve our inheritance (culture, history, language, land, artifacts, literature, arts, sciences, and religion) what has been left for Us, which is the proper process of any people returning to be a prosperous nation & society.

A Brief History of Dr. Nebkheperure

Dr. Nebkheperure (also called Neb Yashu or Yashu’a), was born on the summer solstice of 1973, in Chicago, in the United States of America. The 9th grandson of Lij Iyashu V, the ousted emperor of Ethiopia (Abyssinia), that reigned temporarily before H.I.M. Halie Selassie I. Being descent of the royal bloodline of Amharic (Amarnian) Abyssinian Kings that ruled in Ethiopia, Nubia, and Egypt (and established India, Rome, Greece, Babylon, Arabia, the Far East, & the Americas) for the last over 4,000 years, so its the Lord Akhenaten that has manifested in spirit as Dr. Nebkheperure, the rightful royal bloodline Nagas or Nyswt-bity (Leader) for Our people.
He is a renown historian, philosopher, traveler, author, and lecturer. He has acquired many degrees in philosophy, law, religions, political science, and history. To make certain to continue on the ancient bloodline Amharic/Amarnian people, he has fathered 7 children. Dr. Nebkheperure has been on the noble path of cultural restoration of Our people and all fallen people, since the age of 8-10 years old, and it was a few years ago when He founded the Ancient Egyptian Assembly in Chicago. From that time until now, His message of cultural empowerment & inspiration, has reached the four corners of the world.

If there is to global peace and prosperity for all, then there must be a executable plan to breakdown the walls of cultural division, race, gender, and religion. Then We must be honest enough to rid ourselves of all religions, philosophies and political-educational-economic systems that has failed and/or caused global division in the last 3,000 years, in order to truly become one global community. The philosophy, teachings, and living example of Dr. Nebkheperure, has now impacted people globally, who desires a “New Day with Nebkheperure”.

Cultural Life & Liberation

We came from Amarna, and brought to the Americas. Building the Pyramids, and ended up in the Projects of the American ghettos. Our people have a rich history filled with ups and downs. From ruling the world from the Nile Valley, to being invaded by the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, and Euro-Arabs, ending up enslaved in Africa & then in the Americas. After 3,000 years of assaults and wars, it comes a New Day when a people regain their minds, souls, and their rightful place in the world.

Dr. Nebkheperure has caused the Revival & Liberation of Our souls. We that are redeemed from the Plight of Black America, are a cultural Remnant, that has assembled Ourselves under His Divine Leadership, Teachings, and Guidance, to restore back to Us what was stolen…Our very historical existence & inheritance.